Saturday, October 06, 2007

Overly Delicious High Tea

Today's a special day because it's the 1st time both Hubby and me will have our mini High tea session at home. It's seriously exciting because you don't quite often get to see people having high tea session at home.

I've always longed for that and today indeed was a good timing. Hubby and me woke up early in the morning and went to Compass Point to had our breakfast at Ya Kun. We both ordered the Kaya Bread set which costs $3.90 each. It's indeed expensive comparing to the rate Kopitiams are selling. Nevertheless, its worth paying for it since the Kaya make me a happy girl even though my super big eyebags were on me.

After our breakfast, we headed to Cold storage for our usual grocery shopping. Bought tones of stuffs mainly for the high tea session. I've decided to make Mango Swiss Roll ,Rashberries Cheese cake and not forgetting Hubby's favourite Chocolate fondue.

Spent the whole whole day in the kitchen. Oh, I bought a pink weighing scale! I tell you, it's so damn chio, I totally heart it. Heh. Actually, Chicken pie was supposed to be one of the items for our High tea but due to the time constraint, we decided to hold it for some other days.

Truly enjoyed the high tea session and totally had a full delicious desserts. Hopefully, I can arrange another High tea sessions for both Hubby and my friends. I'll be putting that in my schedule~!

I'm so proud of my Mango Swiss Roll

Look at that! I'm drooling again

High Tea @ Anchorvale 14-36

Part of the ingredients for Mango Swiss Roll.
Notice the laptop? Hubby place it in the Kitchen for me *Muacks*
Spot my chio Pink Weighing Scale. I love it!

Too much sugar creates Hyperactives. No idea? See below and you shall know.

My Royal Prince Charming.
Indeed, too much sugar causes nut loose and hyperactives.


レイチ said...

oooohhh... makes me hungry now. lOlx

The Viewfinder of Mr and Mrs Kuo said...

Muahaha! I love making people hungry! Muahhaha again...