Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tuna Loaf

Makes 5 ~ 7 buns
Bread Flour110g
Cake Flour40g
Unsalted Butter15g
Instant Dry Yeast1/2 tsp
Egg Yolk1
Egg (Beaten)1
Ice water70g
Salt1/4 tsp
Mashed Potato30g

  1. Combine both of the flour, yeast, egg yolk, sugar, ice water and mashed potatoes. Using an electrical mixer, mix the combination on slow speed and when a sticky mixure is formed, continue mixing by switching the speed to a faster mode.

  2. When the mixture reflects a shiny surface, add in the unsalted butter and continue mixing with medium speed.

  3. When the dough is form, move the dough to a container and cover it up using plastic wrap. This will go through the 1st stage of fermentation. It will take approx. 80 mins.

  4. When it's done, cut the dough into 5 parts, roll them up in a round dough and cover them up with plastic wrap for 10 mins.

  5. Cut the dough into little ovals. Flatten them and add in the filling. Wrap them up tightly and roll them into flattened ball. Patch the balls of dough onto an aluminum tray. Allow the dough to go through the 2nd stage of fermation for 25 mins.

  6. Bring to bake 160 degree Clesius for 20 mins.

    * I omitted the salt because of the Tuna filling that I will be using. Tuna filling will be salted in a way hence, omitting the salt would be a healthier choice :) *

Tuna filling

Mirin2 tbsp
Light Soy Sauce2 tbsp
Tuna in Mineral water1 can

  1. Mashed the tuna into little chunks. In a wok, heat up some oil and add in the sliced onions.

  2. Next, add in the chunks of tuna. Season with mirin and light soy sauce. Simmer for a while and it is ready to be use. Always allow cooling before wrapping them up.

I roll up the dough like a flower :D

Close up of the loaf. Notice that there's a crack?
I didn't wrap it properly :(

The inside of the loaf. Very soft and fluffy :)

It's almost 1am when my bread dough finally got ready to be send for the baking progress. I was so dead beat that I nearly fall asleep on the sofa while waiting for my bread to be ready. Well, I was too fascinated with the new book I bought, hence with no pause, I decided to lay my hands on bread making.

It was supposed to be a Hotdog loaf instead of Tuna. Hubby doesn't really fancy hotdog buns so, I modified a little of the recipe. Switched the filling to Tuna and omitted the salt. I added more butter too, because my Hubby love buttery bread :)

Updates: The Tuna filling is more to a Japanese style. It's sweeter and not as salty as compared to the normal tuna filling we get to eat from other bakeries. I've used Mirin in the seasoning. Mirin is widely used in Japanese cuisine. You can buy it in most supermarkets and even Diaso :)


夏り said...

eh..u really v free hor..haha.. i tried making bread before in school...too tedious..tink its not worth the effort leh.. too much time and electricity spent..haha..just go breadtalk buy la..

Happy Mrs Kuo said...

Muahaha! But it's the efforts that count ma *Shy* I tell you hor, my tuna loaf is so much nicer than Breadtalk you know! So fluffy and soft plus there's this tint of japanese scent because of my mirin based tuna. Oiishii! Okie lah, you scared mafan, next time i bake for u hor *wink*