Monday, October 22, 2007

Mini Marco Studio

I received a couple of emails and questions from friends and visitors and even my favourite blogger, Happy Home Baking about the cookies shot. The shots were indeed way much better than the usual ones I took .

So, what's the secret behind these shots? The secret is, I was given a mini Marco studio! Amazing? Frankly speaking, I was amazed by it, the 1st time I saw it, which was like 1 year ago. That's not very shocking to me now because I get to see it everyday. LOL!

I was kind of disappointed with the pictures I took for my foodies and my Photography Guru a.k.a. my Royal Prince Charming a.k.a my hubby decided to make me a Mini Marco studio. I could see that he's not very satisfied with my pictures because I know that my pictures either looked soulless or they looked horrible.

We went to Popular Bookstore and gotten a row of Tracing paper, squeeze into our store room and came out with a big carton box. Hubby D-I-Y the studio box within minutes and I was beaming with joy, although the living room looked disastrous after all the cuttings and tappings. Next, he started to photoshoot the freshly baked Cornflake Cookies. I did the arranging of the cookies :) Tadah, the shots were out! I heart them!!! I think they looked professional! Don't you think so? =X

Credits mainly goes to my Prince Charming! I love you darling! *Muacks*

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