Saturday, October 13, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary

Today marks the following:

  • 4th year of our Lovely and Sweet Together Anniversary
  • 1st year of Wedding Proposal

For the past 3 years, we normally dine out at some posh restaurants and buy each other posh presents. However, we decided to have something different this year. 雖然結婚了,但是Anniversary還是不能馬虎. Having our nest of our own, both of us decides to have our Anniversary dinner at home. :)

I whipped up the following menu with my uttermost love for my husband :

  • Appetizer - Salmon Cheese Roll
  • Main Dish - Rosemary Spaghetti

  • Dessert - Charlotte Cake
  • Beverages - Chill Earl Gray Tea

I spent almost the whole afternoon baking and preparing the food for dinner. Though tired, I still find it very 幸福 to be able to cook something for my wonderful Hubby. I always love culinary especially baking. Now with a home of our own, a kitchen of mine, I can cook and bake as much foodies as I like!

For your eyes only ;)

Appetizer : Salmon Cheese Roll
I marinated the Salmon with Olive oil. Wonderful sparks!

Dessert: Charlotte Cake
The fingers of my Charlotte cake appeared to be slightly burnt.
That's the only sad part of it. I over-estimated the temperature.
Nevertheless, the fingers taste fabulous! Taste like Shortbread to me~

Main Dish: Rosemary Spaghetti
The Spaghetti was fried with some herbs like Thymes, Oregano and Parsely.
Very good combination I can say

Tables of Delicacies

I believe many of you must be pondering why on earth that we are dining on the coffee-table. Well, both hubby and me really like the view outside our windows. It's a super big green field and you get to see sunset too! Romantic in other word, that makes it why we always love to dine on our coffee-table instead of the usual dining area.

Preparation starts now!

Satisfied with my 1st attempt on Charlotte Cake
* Please forgive the messy and ugly look =.=*

Bon appetit!

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