Monday, October 27, 2008

Stuffed Wings

Serves 2~3

Ingredients Amounts
Minced Pork300g
Corn flour2.5 tsp
Spring onions
(Chopped finely)
2 stalks
Salt2 ~3 tsp
Sesame oil3 tsp
Sugar2 tsp


1 tsp

Vegetable Oil

Sufficient for swallow frying

Chicken Wings


*Chicken Marinades: Salt, Pepper, Sesame oil and Soy sauce ( Each 2 tsp)
** Deep frying ingredients: 1 beaten egg, flour and bread crumbs

  1. De-boned chicken wings by cutting of the joints and slowly crapping off the meat from the bone. Break off the bones from the chicken and you'll get a boneless wing.

  2. Marinate the chicken overnight. Combine minced pork, spring onions, pepper, salt, corn flour, sugar and sesame oil and mixed well.

  3. Stuff the minced pork mixture into the boneless wings and bring to steam over medium heat for 10~ 15 mins.

  4. Roll the steamed wings in beaten egg and pat with flour and breadcrumbs.

  5. In a wok, pour in the oil and heat it upon medium heat. Swallow fry the wings till golden brown.

There's a stronge tint of Thai essence in my kitchen today. As you see, I made Shrimp toasts this afternoon and later in the evening, I made stuffed wings! Prince Charming was beaming with joy since this is the 2nd time I am doing it. (The last time was 3 yrs ago!)

I do not know how to make the dipping sauce, so we ate it with Tabasco sauce. It was nice but I think with the dipping sauce it would be excellent. Anyone has the recipe for the dipping sauce? :P


SIG said...

My aunt makes very good stuffed chicken wings but her version has little cubes of potatoes and peas in it, somewhat like the filling in a chicken pie. It's delish and your version I ate recently in a Thai restaurant. I would love to try it out soon. :) Do you need like bigger chicken wings?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Sig,

I actually used the normal frozen wings you get in most supermarket. I think bigger wings would be a better choice so you can stuff more fillings :P

Chicken pie! I love chicken pie! Maybe I shall try your aunt's version the next time. I know some version calls for glutinous rice, sounds yummy too! :)