Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crystal Jade Korean

Hello everyone, I'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus since I was really busy with my work. I don't really have the sufficient time to sleep, don't even mention about baking/cooking. Work have been piling since my 1st day and it has never stop since then :(

I hope when I get more adapted to my new environment, I'll get to bake and cook like I used to be. I am crossing my fingers here! Anyway, Prince Charming took me to Crystal Jade Korean at Centerpoint for our 5th Anniversary celebration. How time flies, just a wink and 5 years have passed.

I was the one who requested for Korean Cuisine since I always like Bibimbap. We used to frequent Picnic food court at Scotts for their authentic Bibimbap, a pity the food court is no longer around. I wonder where would the stall been relocated to cause I think they served the best bibimbap I've ever eaten! Stopping my talkative-ness and let the pictures drool your appetites ;)

Marinated Spinach

French beans

Marinated Bean sprouts

Ginseng Chicken Soup


BTW, we ordered a Set menu for 2 that cost about $79++. It also consists of Grilled Saba Fish and Stir fry vegetables and beyond that we ordered another Ala Ca-rte Seafood Pancake. Total damage = $90. With that amount of food, I think it's more suitable for 3 ~ 4 consumers cause we were ultimate bloated! :P

I would say the food is generally good but not as authentic. It would be good if only the side dishes were refillable! Do they?


ling said...

mrs kuo,
their side dishes are refillable at no additional cost!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Ling,

Ah, I should have asked you beforehand! I love their Kimchi! Both my Kwok and I are big fans for Kimchi! I thought of doing that at home but after looking at the no. of ingredients needed, I freaked out :P

ling said...

haha.. i love their kimchi alot too! always ask for refill. u can choose those tt u like n request for top up..

ganache-ganache said...

I like Korean Bulgogi & some of their side dishes but hey I don't like Kimchi !! I'm a fan of their ginseng chicken soup too......

Aimei said...

Hey I think we really have alot in common like you say. I love bibimbap too! I just love how everything mix together and it's filling and so satisfied. :) If you find a good bibimbap must tell me! :D

T said...

Hi Mrs Kwok!

Sorry this is not related to this post.. but i just made your pork floss buns and they turned out just great! the only change is i made them into HK style cocktail buns, not floss since i have none! anyway i will definately use the recipe again - its my first successful bread :)

Love your blog very much, so glad u are back!


夏り said...

hey gal..if u really like korean food. I recommend you Mario's Kitchen at Liang Seah Street. It's authentic, cheap and the side dishes are super nice. Another one would be the Korean Restaurant at Amara Hotel 2nd storey.. it's super nice with BBQ.. but the waitresses will help u cook. Abit more ex but real good too.droolz.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello GG,

Why!?! I thought kimchi is such a delicious appetizer! Heeee.. Btw,
I haven't got a chance to try Korean Bulgogi yet but I doubt I will ever have the chance since I can't take beef :P I like their preserved radish, especially the cubed kinds. How about you?

Yoz Aimei,

Yes, we really have so much things in common especially in food ;)Have you ever thought of making kimchi yourself? If you do, tell if its easy? :P

Hello T,

Thank you for your compliments :)
I am happy that you like the recipe for the floss buns and congrats to your success in making bread! I'm sure you'll make even better bread in future! :D

Hey Miss Chew,

Liang Seah street!!! Really? How come I never notice? Maybe I also got sucked to the kway chap! LOL.
I trust your recommendation so I must go and try it out. Actually Crystal jade is also quite pricey to me. Maybe when I strike 4D or toto (if i ever remember to buy), we shall go and stuff ourselves with the Korean BBQ okie! :D