Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homemade Strawberry Jam

It's been quite sometime since I last updated my blog. I have been really busy with my new job and thus, explain the lack of post here. Anyway, it was the wedding of my BFF's Elder sister on Friday. I couldn't make it due to work committment, so I decided to DIY some gift for her.

I hope she like this wedding present :)
The strawberries were really fresh and so the jam tasted really good! I hope to make more of them the next time.


ganache-ganache said...

Wow, look at those big chunks of strawberries in your jam, I'm sure the bride will like it !!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello GG,

I hope so too :)
I always like jams that comes with chunks of fruit. Yummmy!!

T said...

Wow! I love how your jam looks so chunky! Could you please share the recipe if you don't mind? All of your recipes are so easy to follow.. so i would love to try. thank you!

Aimei said...

Hello Mrs Kwok! Finally see your posting. Miss your bloggings leh.. :P

Hey I feel like eating just out from the jam bottle! Haha... I can really do that...

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello GG,

Hehe, I love jams that comes with chunk of fruit. I hope she likes it!

Hi T,

In fact, I did these jam by estimation so I am not too sure how to post the recipe up. The method is really simple, adding sugar to the chunks of strawberries and cooking them over low heat. Add some gelatine/konnakyu powder to the heated mixture and when thicken, remove from heat and allow cooling before putting them in the jar. I added a little red wine into it as well. I hope this helps :)

Hello Aimei,

Sorry that I've not been posting. I'm really so busy that everytime I touched home, I just wanna sleep and rest :(

I am like you! I can really eat from the jam bottle! We do have alot in common don't you agree ;)