Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pan-fried Yam Cake

Makes two 6" cake pan

Ingredients Amounts
Yam, diced300g
Rice flour500g
Water or Stock1.8 litres
Minced chicken200g
Salt, Pepper and
5-spices powder
As desired
Dried shrimps
(soaked and chopped finely)

Spring onions
(Chopped finely)

2 small stalks

Vegetable Oil

2 .5tbsp + 1 tbsp

Sweet sauce

As desired

Corn flour

Gauge accordingly

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan and bring the diced yam, minced chicken and dried shrimps to cook over medium low heat. Scopped the cooked ingredients and set aside.

  2. In a big bowl, pour in the rice flour and add in some salt , pepper and 5-spices powder. Add 1.8 litres of water into the mixture and blend well. Make sure that it does not get lumpy.

  3. In a deep wok, add a little oil (approx. 2 tsp). Pour 1/4 of the flour batter into the wok and bring to cook over low heat. Add the cooked ingredients into the batter.

  4. Pour the remaining flour batter into the wok and cooked till the mixture gets thicken.

  5. Scooped the thicken mixture into cake pan and bring to steam over medium high heat for 30-40 mins. Allow cooling before slicing it up.

  6. Pat the sliced yam cake with corn flour. In another frying pan, heat up 1 tbsp of oil and when ready, bring the sliced yam cake to fry over low heat till golden brown.

  7. Sprinkle some spring onions over the yam cake and drizzle some sweet sauce over.

I made this yam cake for our breakfast on Tuesday. The cooking method is somehow similar to HongKong style Radish cake except that this is a simpler version. The original recipe calls for roast pork but well, having yam cake for breakfast is heavy enough, imagine having a roasted pork yam cake will be far too greasy for us.

As you know, it's been really long since I last hand-made some breakfast for my Prince Charming. The yam cake really makes his day, so its all worth while even though I'm really tired from work :) I'm getting better with my working environment now, so I hope I get to present more food entries here!


daphne said...

ooo.. I havent had panfried version looks really good!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Daphne, you should really try the panfried yam cake and you'll never regret! :P

My mum always make yam cakes during CNY and normally we eat the steamed version when it's pipping hot. She usually panfried the yam cake the next day since they get a little harder so the chemistry between the flour and oil worked that out! ;)

SIG said...

Hope to try this recipe too. Wow, you are great for little snacks which tug at my heartstrings. ;) I prefer savoury to sweet and so far the few that you have made recently are all savoury. :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Heee.. I have a common habit as my mummy which is we prefer to have savoury breakfast! Funny hor?

I normally go for mee hoon than sweet kueh. LOL! :P

SIG said...

Me too! We love bee hoon for breakfast, my girl n i haha!