Friday, March 14, 2008

Mini Fruit Tarts

Custard Cream
For at least 20 tarts

Corn flour2 tbsp
Egg yolk1
Sugar2 1/2 tbsp

  1. Combine yolk and corn flour together. Whisk till both ingredients are well blended.

  2. Add the sugar slowly into the yolk mixture and mix well.

  3. Warm the milk over low heat. Do not allow the milk to boil..

  4. Stir the warmed milk gently into the yolk mixture and make sure all are well mixed.

  5. Put the mixture on low heat and keep stirring till mixture gets thicken.

  6. Leave to cool and ready to be use.

Tart shells
Makes at least 30 mini tarts

Cake flour500g
Icing sugar150g
Soften butter250g
Whole eggs150g

  1. Combine butter and icing sugar and mix till light and fluffy.

  2. Add in the eggs slowly and blend well. Make sure that egg is well corporate into the mixture before pouring in another portion.

  3. Once mixture is ready, stir in 2/3 of the flour and mixed well. You may use a mixer as it save a lot of time. Put it on low speed.

  4. Once a dough is form, scoop the dough and knead it gently. Combine the remaining flour and make into a smooth dough.

  5. Roll the dough into longular shape and cut into small equal portions (around a ping pong ball size).

  6. Shape the dough into the tart mould.

  7. Bring to bake at 180 degree Celsius for 20~ 25 mins or when turn brown.

Scooped the custard cream and fill it into the tart shell. Topped each tart shell with fresh fruit and ready to be serve.

I baked these mini fruit tarts for my colleagues and really gald that they like it :)
It's been quite sometime since I last baked something for them and since it's a Friday, having a little treat for them seems fabulous.

Supposed to top the tarts with peach slices too but I think I cut the strawberries and kiwi fruit a tad too huge. No space to squeeze in the peach. Lol. I tried one myself and really like the custard cream. DIY custard cream is so yummy!


daphne said...

Oh Mrs kwok, this looks lovely. Going to try this out. Thanks for the recipe and step by step instructions.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

It's my pleasure! I hope you like them. The custard cream taste marvellous :D

I didn't know that custard cream can be done so easily and I tried using Bird's custard powder to do but there's this weird "chemical" smell that I don't really fancy.

Aimei said...

O Mrs Kwok your mini tarts are so lovely! I want! Haha... :P I don't like the custard made using the custard powder too. I'll try your custad cream next time!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hello Aimei! Hee~ The custard cream is a must try ;) Real easy and delicious!

I'm sure you will like it :D

Anonymous said...

yum yum~ i love anything with fruits! ^^ i made fruit tarts early march too! for my dad's hee~ now seeing u do it, tempts me to make them again! yr hubby's photo taking skills really very good! tell him that for me :P


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Amanda girl! Thanks! I'll pass the message to him ;)

I love fruit tarts too~ I used to crave for them when I was a kid but my mum find that its too expensive at that time, so I only get to eat them when my relative's get married or when there's some functions.

So when I get older, I always buy them as snack! LOL. Now I can bake them as and when I want. Hee~

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs kwok,
Lovely blog...
I love fruit tarts too but it's the custard that I am after.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Paw Paw,

Haha~ My nephew has the same "target" as you! He will purely scooped the custard out and eat them leaving my crust and fruit behind. LOL~

This DIY custard is real nice. Try it. If you have left over, you can also use it as a dipping sauce for plain crackers. They makes wonder!

TJ said...

Hi Mrs Kwok,
When you bake the tarts, do you remove it from the mould? or leave it in the bake?
I've just started out baking and still learning alot of things. :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi TJ,

You will have to let the dough remains inside the mould. When it's ready, let cool and remove from the mould. You will get a nice and beautiful tart ;)

I'm also rather new to baking. Learning as I baked too! Welcome to the baking world :D

TJ said...

I tried making the custard cream as well. It turned out lumpy! Why is this so? And boy do you need alot of moulds for the tarts. :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi TJ,

Did you cook the custard on low heat? If you do that on a Middle-High heat, the custard can get lumpy.

If not, you have to make sure that the mixture are well mixed with no lumps when you combine them. I think the main problem should lie with the heat issue. Some hobs have rather high heat even if they are already in the low heat function. Try to lift your pot slightly above the heat and see if it works :)

Definitely you will need many moulds. I only have 12 with me so I baked them by batches :D Some rest breaks in between. Heee! I am going to get some more I will be baking them again!

Quinn said...

Hi Mrs. Kwok, can I know whether the tart shells are blind baked or not. Do we prick them with fork and put weights like red bean/rice on them prior to baking or do we just bake them as it is?An amateur in baking, thanks!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Quinn,

You dont have to place any weight but you can try applying some chocoate as a base :)

For me, i baked them blindly and they turn out well :D

Anonymous said...

Mrs Kwok,

I try baking those tart using your recipe. However the tart shells turn out very hard. Is there any trick to making them?


Jessica said...

Hi Mrs Kwok,

where did u buy the mini tart mould from ? i want to get some myself too.. thanks

Anonymous said...


May I know the milk is fresh milk (eg. HL or daisy) or carnation milk? wanted to do this on cny eve

iwan said...

for the custard...
the milk must use what milk??any kind can? like HL or daisy..
then the sugar must use what kind of sugar caster sugar or normal sugar..
and one more thing..
to mix it, i need to use the machine or juz use manually??

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Anonymous 1: The tarts were indeed a little hard when they were fresh out from the oven. I usually leave them open for about half a day and top them with the custard. Not sure if this works for you but it works perfectly for me!

Anonymous 2: Sorry that I came late cause it's past CNY and Valentine's day! Yup - You may use HL/Daisy but I prefer Meiji cause they don't taste as sweet as the other 2 brands mentioned.

Jessica: You can get these moulds from Phoon Huat. They come in different sizes too. I got the medium size ones.

Iwan: It's just normal milk so you can use HL/Daisy but like I said, I prefer Meiji :)

Fine sugar/Castor sugar are both suitable but I like to use Castor sugar since they are even finer and so melts faster.

Lastly, apologies for posting so late! I haven't been checking my comments box recently :(

Anonymous said...

hi, just wanna know how did you shape your tart so nicely? do you roll the dough out and cut it using the mould or?

Jessica said...

Hi Mrs Kwok...
wow ur fruit tarts looks great ! which type of milk did u use for the custard cream.. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, to make the tart shell, can i know how many eggs is it approximately for 150g? Also, is it required to pre-heat the oven before baking? Thanks

Mila said...

Hi Mrs. Kwok!

This recipe looks like fun to make! I will definitely try! But before I do, I have one question. Is it okay to make these little tarts a day before, refrigerate it for maybe 16+ hours? Or will the tart shell get soggy? I love baking for one of my classes, but it's the last class of the day, so I would have to refrigerate it until noon.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, how did u manage to get the tart shells so nicely and evenly shaped? I tried rolling a small piece of the dough & press it into the mould but it turns out really ugly. uneven sides and very untidy looking too. Any tips? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs Kwok... If we don't have tartlet molds, can we use muffin tins? Will the result be the same?

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi there,

You can try using muffin cups but I think they might be a little too "deep" so you might need to squeeze more custard to fill them up. Maybe for slightly sinner tarts? ;)

Naailah said...

can u tell me how many eggs is for 150 g?
am going to try ur recipe tomorrow

Manfei Hu said...

It really depends on the size of your egg. For mine, the egg yolk is abt 20g and white ard 30g so I need about 5 eggs in total :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Can i change the corn flour to custard flour?

Anonymous said...

Hi mrs kwok,

I've followed exactly the ingredients for the tart shells but the dough turn out to be very oily.. I'm not sure what really went wrong.. :( pls advise.. Thanks!

sparkedillusion said...

i tried the custard recipe almost 5 times but everytime it was either lumpy or when i mixed the yolk and corn flour it becomes powderish!

1-3 time it was lumpy, even when i held it over very low heat..

then i wanted to try over the double boiler method, but when i mixed the yolk and the flour, it didnt become sticky or paste like, but totally hardened and became powder! why is this so? ): its the same steps as the first 3 times i did it )): maybe my egg was cold on my 4th attempt but my egg was room temperature on the 5th time, which also became powder/hardened.

any advices? ): im really really disappointed..

June said...

Hi Mrs Kwok,

Tried finding the tart moulds in Phoon Huat but they dont seem to sell it. When was the last time you bought it and at which outlet?

Lina said...

Hi Mrs Kwok, i've been trying the DIY custard and it tasted more like flour. where did i go wrong? i followed the recipe exactly. ):

irenelim said...

I have just tried the blueberry cheese tart yesterday. So happy and wish to try for fruit tarts. I think I am going to try this.. Thanks for your recipe

Anonymous said...

Hi mrs kwok! Can I ask, how do you shape your tarts? I have the tart moulds from phoon huat but every time I try to shape the dough onto the mould using my fingers it is very uneven! How did you overcome that? Your tarts look super nice (:

Val17 said...

Hey :) I was just wondering, do we need to glaze it? :)