Monday, March 03, 2008

The Pizza Place and Andersen

Both my Prince Charming and I had pizza for our dinner last Friday. The initial plan was to dine at MOF but I've been like swallowing Japanese food recently and the thought of pushing them down my throat again makes me grumpy.

I decided to opt for Pizza! It's been quite sometime since we had pizza at The Pizza Place which is located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Center. I can say they serve really good pizza with really good prices. Comparing the price you paid at Pizza hut, I would urge you to try at The Pizza Place instead. I think they are the best pizzas served for this kind of price I had in Singapore.

Chef Pizza is an All-time favourite for me since I'm a spicy lover. The fiery sauce can make you go wild but too bad, when I ordered that on Friday, the server forgotten to put note that I wanted the fiery sauce so the pizza wasn't spicy at all. Anyway, the pizza still tasted good. My Prince Charming is a die-hard addict for cream sauce so he ordered a Creamy seafood Pizza. The seafood were very fresh especially the prawns. I wish I could have the whole platter of pizza filled with prawns! Nevertheless, it is a real good place for pizza.

Today, both of us headed down to Ang Mio Kio for a short shopping trip. I needed some baking wares and there is a shop in AMK central that sells real cheap and good baking wares. After my short and happy spree, we walked into AMK Hub for a short sprint. I've never really tour around in there since it wasn't really in the way for us and my parents find that it is always so crowded with people and it's hard to get a parking lot. To my surprise, they have alot of apparel shops (YAY!) and F&B dinery. Since we already had our lunch, we so wanted to have some desserts.

I was yearning for Andersen's Bailey Scorched Almond ice cream and so we stepped down in Andersen located at the 2nd level of AMK Hub. We ordered a Andersen's Classic that comes with 5 flavour of ice cream of any choice. I chose Bailey Scorched Almond, Rum and Raisins, Macademia Nuts, Strawberry cream and Cookies and Cream. It was truly yummy!

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