Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Fuss Dinner

Kwokish Meat balls (Beef)

Fresh ground beef250g
Ketchup1/2 tbsp
Honey Mustard1/2 tbsp
Mirin1/4 tbsp
Olive oil1/4 tbsp
White vinegar1/4 tbsp
Green onion, finely cubed1/4 of a small one
Oyster sauce2 tbsp
Sugar1/2 tbsp
Plain flour batter

1 tbsp of flour +
3 tbsp of water

Mixed herbsA dash

  1. Blend the olive oil into the ground beef and blend well. Add in the onions, honey mustard, ketchup, mirin and white vinegar and mixed well.

  2. Roll the minced meat into balls and set aside.

  3. Boil a pot of water and put the beef balls to cooked. The balls should float slightly when cooked. Drain the water away from the cooked beef balls. Do not throw away the boiling water.

  4. Scoop 10 tbsp of the boiling water and bring to boil. Add in the oyster sauce and mix till oyster sauce is well dissolved.

  5. Stir in the sugar and when sugar is well melted in the mixture.

  6. Stir the flour batter in slowly and mixture should gets thicken.

  7. Pour the thicken sauce over the beef balls and sprinkle with some herbs.

This is the appetiser dish that I make for my Prince charming last night for his No-Fuss dinner. I still had some ground beef and as you know I don't take beef, I had to hurriedly clear them up before they turns nasty again. Since I do not have much time left, I decided to make some beef balls for him because he really love IKEA's Swedish meatballs very much. I thought why not I do a replica for him! Lolx.

I couldn't taste them so verdict has to come from his Royal mouth :P
Prince Charming says that the taste is near to the ones at IKEA just that mine has this tint of herbs aroma. Heh! He love it! Thank god! I was batting with fear that this might not meet his expectations because I did the sauce anyhow =X Amen! His taste buds enjoy the sauce.

Like I said, it was a NO-fuss dinner so I had not much time to cook more things. My Prince Charming doesn't like to have his dinner late and we were in fact rather late home since we did some grocery shopping while on the way back. I popped my head into my cabinets and realised that I have 2 cans of soups that were bought 1 week ago, left untouched. So, I heated them up! We bought a french loaf on the way back home so it was a marvellous plan to have soup for dinner! I always love dipping french loaf into thick chunky soups. Heh.

As usual, within 10 mins, dinner was ready for both of us. I just had to heat the soup up, toast the loaf and cut them up and that's it. Easy job! LOLx. Of course, we couldn't finish the whole loaf so Prince charming asked if I could make them into garlic breads. I told him I'll try since I have only done once with my daddy and it was another "I-think-should-be-done-this-way" method.

Garlic Bread

Garlic2 cloves
Soften butter50g
Salt1 tint
Mixed herbs1 dash

  1. Roast the garlic in a toaster oven for 10 mins or when garlic turns soft. (Time depends on the performance of each individual oven. Mine took 10 mins for the garlic to soften)

  2. Scoop out the softened flesh and mashed it.

  3. Add the softened butter to the mashed garlic and mixed thoroughly.

  4. Sprinkle the herbs and salt and mixed well.

  5. Spread the mixture onto slices of french loaf and bring to toast.

I prayed hard while the french loaf were toasting inside my oven. I got no idea if it will taste good with my DIY garlic spread. The other and only one time that I did this, it was more of my daddy's help that it tasted good and seriously, I forgotten what I did that time. I just had to cross my fingers that this will come out good!

When the oven went "ting" , I yelled for my Prince Charming. You know sometimes I behaved like Courage, the coward dog, so I had to begged my Prince Charming for the help of his taste buds. Lol. He says it was a success! Phew~

Both my parents and I like our bread slightly burnt at the edges but like my Prince Charming, my baby brothers and my sister, they prefer their toast to be just nice. How about you, what is your preference?


Aimei said...

Mrs Kwok! I like my garlic bread slightly burnt too. LOL. I like toasting my bread until crisp... I really pei fu you...you are so good in coming up with meal ideas and play around in the kitchen..and still getting them right...no need recipes at all. Must learn lots from you. hehe :D

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Aimei, no lah! It's all luck! LOL~ I should learn from you! I really like how you bakes ur cake and bread.

I love your tarts best! I think I'm going to add the mini tarts to my To-list! Heh!