Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baked Macaroni Cheese

Makes 9 Servings

Elbow Macaroni
( 9 servings)
1 packet
Diced onions1
Plain flour100g
Grated Mozzarella Cheese-
Salt, Pepper and mixed HerbsTaste appropriately
Chicken stock2 cups
  1. Bring the elbow macaronis to cook in a pot of boiling water. When cooked, drain and set aside.

  2. Add the butter into a sauce pan and cook over low heat. When butter melts completely, stir in the plain flour and blend well. Make sure that it is not lumpy.

  3. Add the diced onions into the flour mixture and mix well. Add in a little chicken stock and stir well.

  4. Pour the cooked macaronis into the mixture and combine fully. Add in the remaining chicken stock and season with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

  5. Fill the macaronis into a casserole pan and top it with shredded cheese.

  6. Bring to bake at 200 degree Celsius for 15 ~20 mins.

First of all, pardon the pictures as this is the best I could take! You can see that the Baked Macaroni Cheese was already half finished by the time I get to snap pictures. My buddies could'nt wait no longer to eat it! LOL

The aroma of this dish is simply irresitable. All of us just can't stop scooping for more servings. I love how the baked cheese on top bring out the taste of the macaroni. It's just so awesome. Try it out because its real EASY!

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