Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 1st ROM Anniversary

Today marks the 1st Anniversary of Prince Charming and my ROM anniversary! Yes, we got legally bonded at Registry of Marriage a year back on this day (22-02-07). How time flies~ It just looks like I only got ROMed yesterday and man it's already 1 year!

Does that mean that I'm going to get another year older again?!?! Anyway, drop the age issue and back to my mini celebration. Well, as usual my muddle headed Prince Charming forgotten about our ROM Anniversary. Okay, I am not supposed to blame him because we promised each other that our wedding anniversary will be on 1 July every year (that's the date of our customary) and there are simply too much anniversaries for both of us to remember. Birthdays, courtship anniversary and wedding anniversary. Remembering my parents and siblings' birthdays is already one tedious part not to mention another pile of anniversaries to be added. Well, well well, I would thought he'll remember since its the 1st year but oh well, men! They are just not as detailed as how women are.

I wasn't angry because I predicted he'll definitely not remember it since he's already in need of omega and memory pills. LOL. Forgiven! Anyway, it's lucky that today's a Friday as Friday is actually our "courtship" day where we will not go out for any appointment and spent romantic moments with each other, so we had already planned to dine at Pasta de Waraku at The Central.
Food was okay only. It wasn't up to my expectation as usual. I ordered Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato sauce while Prince Charming had his all-long favourite Creamy Spaghetti with Fresh Clams. Mine was almost tasteless! The tomato sauce was so diluted that it just looks like 2 pots of water were cooked with only 5 Tomatoes. I had to add in Tabasco to enhance the taste. Prince Charming's Creamy Spaghetti was average, at least not tasteless. The spicy soft shell crab on the other hand was crispy and oiishi. Out of them, dessert was the best. The soft ice cream would just melt any girl's heart! :D

Frankly speaking, price at Pasta de Waraku is considered affordable but I guessed I wouldn't patronise it again. I would rather have my pasta at Takashimaya Foodcourt. They served nice pasta! I still prefer Waraku Japanese Cuisine compared to their fusion cuisine. Guessed they need to improve their skills in pasta.

Some picture for sharing:
(Pictures may be unclear due to the resolution taken from a Camera phone)


daphne said...

Hello Mrs Kwok. looks like a good find for jap food though-reasonable. Your taiwan photos look fantastic and so does your short hair =)

Congrats to your 1 year ROM anniversary! wow..that means our 1 year to the wedding will come quick too.

Will drop by again. Have a great weekend!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Daphne!

Great to see you around here :)
Thanks for your compliments (I'm flying, I'm flying) LOL.

Taiwan's indeed a good place for food and shopping. I still prefer Waraku's Japanese Cuisine! If you very well like pasta, try the one at Takashimaya Food court or the Pasta Cafe! For Jap food, definitely thumbs up for Waraku ;)

evan said...

hi there mrs kwok, this is my 1st time here. your blog's fantastic, lovely photos as well =)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Evan,

Thanks! I'm still learning as I only picked up baking when I got married. I used to bake only during Home Econs classes so you know, tonnes to learn and capture.

Hope to see you around often :)