Friday, February 15, 2008

Taiwan Trip II

Finally back in Singapore! I terribly miss the weather here and the delicious spicy food. It's so hard to find sambal chilli in Taiwan and it's so horribly cold.

We took many pictures in Taipei but I haven't got the time to sort them out yet. There are TONNES of them and many candid shots too. I bet I need at least 3 days to filter all the good shots out from the bad ones.

Anyway, 楊宗偉 is so famous in Taiwan that everywhere I went, everyone's playing his new songs. It's like 西門町,五分埔,淡水 and even on the 捷運 I can see people playing his songs. Btw, I miss my culinary sessions. Shall try to cook and bake more!


Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME! *cheer* show taiwan pics soon k! and yes! u should cook and bake more! i'm waiting to see yr bakes and yummy bento! (^^,)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Heee! Miss me right ;)

I'll definitely cook and bake more! Let's meet out one day okie? Jio Spots and Ling too :D