Monday, February 11, 2008

Taiwa Trip Part I

Hello folks! I finally have some "lonely" time to do some bloggings. It seems like I don't really have much time to switch on the PC and not to say doing my entries! The schedule that my Mother-in-law planned was just super super tight. We travelled throughout the whole day and only able to reached home at around 12am everyday.

All of us were extremely exhausted from all the travellings especially my parents. Furthermore, its freezing in Taipei. My brother-in-law commented that this is the worst winter they had because its too cold for them and not to mention us. The temperatures normally range from 8 to 12 degree celsius and worst of all, it rained almost the whole day since the day I reached Taipei.

One very big shocking surprise is that I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR :( I no longer have any long curl hair, it's gone, ALL GONE! My mother-in-law owns a hair salon in Taiwan and is a quite well-known stylist in the neighbourhood. She has this equipment that could analyse the condition of your scalp and sadly, she found out that my scalp has been badly polluted by the on shelves shampoos which we can get in any supermarkets locally. She told me that those shampoos are not good for both our scalps and hair and might need long term treatment if it's not diagnose early.

Lucky part was that my scalp condition was diagnosed early and hence I will have to go through special treatment of using salon shampoos at the moment. Because of that, it will be better if my hair were short as it would be much easier to apply the treatment gel and so... there goes my hair. It was'nt a bad thing after all since my mother-in-law gave me a Bod hair style which I wanted so badly the other time and some senior "STYLIST" at REDS wouldn't cut for me because she says I have very thick hair =.=

I like my current hair style very much because everyone complimented that it look goods and it makes me look younger and fresher. One thing is that I really need to train the techniques of blowing my hair the correct way. Bod hair style has this very troublesome problem where you need to blow your hair using a round comb so that your hair gets very volumous and curvy. I'm still mastering that! Anyway, shall post up the pics taken in Taipei asap once I reach Singapore.

Till then, Take care and miss me loads alright!

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