Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welcome to Taiwan

As promised, here goes the pictures taken in Taiwan. It was tedious sorting them out since we took so many pictures during our 1 week stay! Nevertheless, it's worth the trip even though its freezing like hell :)

Now, I need to get them adjust to the correct color adjustment and send them for developing before my mum starts nagging at my ears again. She just can't wait to see her photos! I really resembles my mum, look at our Universal Victory sign.

My loving parents on 捷運 to 淡水

My mother-in-law with me on 捷運. MY SHORT HAIR!

Posing in front of the 早餐店 in the neighbourhood

Inside 美麗華 Ferris Wheel with my Prince Charming

With my Baby brother inside Ferris Wheel

At 伍角船板餐廳. God, the renovations were amazing!

My loving parents at 九份

Posing at 中正紀念館. Last glimpse of my long curly hair :'(

小籠包 from Auntie Ah Hoon

蛋餅 and 米漿, another complimentary from Auntie Ah Hoon

蘿蔔糕 from Auntie Ah Hoon!

蔥油餅 from Auntie Ah Hoon again.

The food from Auntie Ah Hoon were very delicious. We just couldn't stopped eating and furthermore its FOC! Auntie Ah Hoon is very close to my Mother in law and dotes on my Prince Charming so everything were there for us. We could just take anything we want and bring it to our table. That's soooooooooooooo cool right!

Of course, that's not all I have. There's still many pictures to go. I shall only post up these since I really need time to adjust the colors of the rest of the pictures.


Aimei said...

Hello Mrs Kwok!
Hey your new hairstyle suits you..looks fresh and younger! (Happy happy right LOL)

Btw, I've tagged you. Hehe, check this out here.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hee Thanks Aimei!

Wow! You know it's my first time being tagged! It's such an honour being tagged by you ;)

Without further hestitation, I shall starts the Meme session now!