Thursday, February 28, 2008

Team Building @ Sunrice

My department had a Team building session with the cooking school, At-Sunrice yesterday. I had never attended any hands-on culinary lesson before (If you count out the Home Economics lessons during Secondary school days) and this is definitely exciting for me!

At-Sunrice is located at Fort Canning Park and has this big spice garden! There are so many kinds of spices and really make me go WOW throughout the spice hunt game we had before commencing into the cooking lesson.

We did a 3 course meal, consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert. It's a fusion cuisine actually. A blend of Thai, Western, Chinese and Japanese can be seen in all the 3 dishes. The food we cooked were awesome. I love the main course best!

The chef decided to hold a "Plating competition" for our appetizer and we are expected to make use of the available ingredients for garnishing. My team won and we got each a $100 Sunrice voucher which also entitles One-for-One. I am definitely going back!

For your delight, the pictures shall do the sum up :)


Anonymous said...

Yum YUm! wat's inside the mango moneybags? just mangoes? *drool* i can imagine the juiciness of it! :P At-sunrice does not provides pastry classes yea? =X i'm more keen in baking and pastry making~ XD but those pictures makes me hungry and tempted to learn now! 8)

About the Rum i used in my icecream, it was a gift! :P my buddy gt it for me from DFS when he returns from overseas trips. There are a number of brands, price ranging from 20 and above. u should make! homemade icecream is yummy! ^^ less sugar more rum and raisins!


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi girl! At-Sunrice do provides baking classes but they are more for the Diploma courses. The mango moneybags is very very easy!

Cubed mango mixed with a little cinnamon and tamard powder and that makes the whole dish! Heee