Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie

My best friend, Miss Gladis Lee happily celebrated her birthday on 23rd Feb every year. This year kind of different as she will be emerging into her mid twenties! LOL! She's been complaining about how time is racing with her and how she so wanted to be 21. Dream my girl, dreaming makes one happy too ;)

Without fail, the buddies normally celebrate her birthdays with her every year. This year, since she's so busy on her actual day of birth, we decided to do a belated birthday party for her today at my house. I am most willing to volunteer myself to bake a cake for her.

I have to admit that I'm still a very super really novice baker. I still excel better in cooking so creaming the whole cake today was tedious. At least it was much better than my previous attempts since I now know how to roughly make the cake nicer :P

SO everyone, here goes the cake for my birthday buddy ;)

I ran out of strawberries and had to replace them with chocolate drops.
The cake base was the one I used for my swiss roll and I bought the lady fingers from Cold storage after I got so terrified by my self-baked Lady fingers from the last time I did Charlotte cake.

The Prince Charming of mine went out to helped his friend with some photoshootings and so, I had to take these pictures using my phone since my Camera ran out of battery.

I hope the birthday girl love this cake and yes, I hope the rest of my buddies love this too! I'm making Macaroni Cheese for the girls. Shall post it in my next entry, and most importantly before I ends this post, HAPPY 25th BIRTHAY, Gladis girl! Opps, did I just flashed out her age? XD

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