Monday, February 04, 2008

Nothing very serious but quite important

I'll be leaving on a jetplane to Taiwan with my Prince Charming on 6 February 2008! Might not be posting any entries during this period of time.

Please pardon my absence and welcome me back on the 13 February! I have nothing to worry about except that I am hoping for this:

" Please give me a lean figure
when I return from Taiwan"

See ya all on 13 February! Will post up about my trip ;)


Aimei said...

LOL, you are so cute. I'm like you too, love to bake and eat but afraid of putting on weight too! Always passing food to ppl around me. heheh ..But do enjoy and try out the things moderation can lah. Come back then embark on your exercise regime lo. :)

Don't worry I'm sure you can maintain one. ;)

Ok enjoy urself. Cya on 13 Feb!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

LOL! Yes, I think we have many common alike! Heh!

You know I can't really control my diet. It's like 1 min ago I swear that I will go on an extreme diet, the next 30s I'm eating Carl's Jr =.= It's just so hard for me!

I think thats the reason why my family are ignoring me when I highlight that I will go on a diet plan. Well, well well...

You take care! I'm really looking forward for your new challenges and recipes! :D