Monday, December 04, 2006

Spurge Spurge Spurge

Yesterday was a "Spurgy day" for me!
I spent a near to $160 on cosmetics!!!!!
Can you believe that~

Aright, Franky speaking, it was the spurge of my life on cosmetics.
Never in my life that I spent so much on non-apparel items.
Admitted that I spent quite alot on apparels and most of them goes to my Levis denim jeans or Motto Skinny jeans. But I still feel heart ached when I swipe my card for the items I purchased within 15 mins. Oh man Oh man~ that's like, here goes my money AGAIN!

The inital plan yesterday was to purchase a Jumper for myself, a long shirt for Hubby Kuo.
But in turn, both of us didn't managed to get any of our "supposed to buy" stuffs and instead bought something that had never came across my mind. Phucks! Okay, I am not a very minded person! Should have controlled myself!!! Arghhhh

Anyway, got myself a concealer, loose powder and eye liner from Izu Cosmetics. Plus trimmed my eye brows too ! *Happy* The Loose powder was the most expensive one cosmetics that I had in my life! $61!!! Okay, no more complaining since I cannot return back the items ! Phucks!

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