Monday, December 18, 2006

My 1st Burberry

Hehehe~ Just gotten my 1st Burberry in my life!
It was a Christmas gift from Hubby to me neh~ 有點不好意思內!
Because it's quite expensive and we both should be thrifty now since our house will be ready for collection in another 2 months time. Thats means more more more stuffs to buy!

Hubby said that it's the 1st branded that he 送給我~ So he asked me not to 擔心 about the BlinkBlink part. Burberry's having a 20 - 70% discount now , so its quite 划算 to buy it.
Anyway, the 50-70% is only applicable at The Paragon outlet. The one at Takashimaya is only valid for 20-30% discount, plus The Paragon got more designs and colors. Should have visited The Paragon!

To my Dearest Hubby:
Thank you for the wonderful wallet. It's so expensive! I'll promise you that I will use it for at least 10 years! Heee~ 很愛很愛你!

Click here to see my wallet!

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