Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nono~ Not Shotgun !

Recently, I had been preempt-ing my fellow Poly friends, Colleagues and my Close Friends from YVIP about my Wedding Banquet in July next year. Everyone were whopper happy for me but then, there were some who acutally asked if I'm pregnant or what.

What the?! I mean IF I'm pregnant now and having my wedding banquet next July would be too ridiculous. Imagine having a big tummy and wearing that tube wedding gown. I bet many of them got the same mentality, so cant blame them also. Self admitted that getting married in my early 20s is truly young but to me, I felt that I am just at the right age for marriage. My cousin who's in her early 20s is already a mother of 2 and shocking part , she's 1 year younger than me! Getting married at a young age doesn't always mean that it will be a Shotgun marriage.

Anyway, I will not blame or shout at anyone who think that mine will be a shotgun marriage. My tummy and figure shall prove all of you wrong! Muahahaha *Evil smile* Right now, I am trying very hard to slim another 0.5 inches off my fatty waist! Reason being, I piled 0.5 inches on my waist 1 week ago and now I need to get rid of them BADLY and DESPERATELY! Please do not throw banana skins or scold vulguarites at me, I am a paranoid person only when it comes to my weight and measurements. Hopefully, the christmas feasting wouldnt create much effects on my figure and I truly wished that the christmas feasting will make me even more slimmer! * Day Dreaming*

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