Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Boring School Holidays

Humans are all contradicting creatures!
Yes, I am one of a kind of a super whopper human who is in contradictions.
Before the school holidays came, I was praying so hard that how I wish the school holidays would come faster. Here comes the Holidays and now, I am bored to wits.

Sigh, confused human beings.

Staying at home and doing nothing much really sucks. My daily routine since 29th November are exact carbon copy everyday. Woke up @ 720am and give morning call to Hubby Kuo, Brushed my teeth and washed myself up, Had my breakfast, Watched TV (Cartoon Network, TVBS Asia), Surf the web, MSN-ing and Sleep. That's it, no changes currently.

It truly make my boring days even more dull. Hubby Kuo's at work so ain't free to go shopping with me and I don't want him to shop with me after his work cause that would be too tiring for him, since he needs to report work daily and on the other hand, I don't have to. It would definitely be too unfair for him although I know he really hope he could bring me out everyday.

Also, all my 姐妹 and close friends are either going through their Final year projects or slogging themselves in piles of works. They envied me for my school holidays without reporting to work, wherelse I wished I could work so that I can pass my time faster plus earn extra bucks.

Sigh to the infinity. Anyway, dilemma if I should buy that retro Topshop dress. It's in my favourite green and its so fitting! I hope the collar would be looser cause I can wear as an off-shoulder but I doubt so. Should I Buy? Spurge again!!!

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