Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Planning

The long awaited Christmas is finally approaching in 19 more days!
Getting so excited about it ~ Heh!
This year's Christmas would be a busy one for me and Hubby Kuo. Got a Christmas Chalet and a Christmas Dinner gathering. 呼~ though its only 2 at the moment, planning wise can be tedious!

Now, Christmas Dinner gathering is our usual yearly event where my bunches of 姐妹 like Peiyi, Peifen, Angela, Huimei and Qiqi will meet out with our close friends like Mrs Tan, Stacy and all for a jovial dinner. It's kind of like a mini-class gathering. This year, we gonna feast ourselves with Christmas buffet dinner from Hotel Phoenix! Hohoho~ Truly delicioussss!!!!

Christmas Chalet would be with Hubby Kuo's buddies like FS, Seng ,Vincent and rest. It's going to be a 4 days 3 nights chalet at People Association's Apartments. We will be preparing the foodies oursleves and yaaaa I AM THE CHEF! Hahahhhahah! They already got the menu done up, so I need not cracked my brain cells anymore! Heh :P

There will be Gift exchanging program for the 2 events! That's always the most exciting part of the day! Christmas is always full of surprises and joy! Now, one thing to worry about
*Drumssss* PUTTING ON WEIGHT. Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn! *Cry out LOUD*

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