Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Shopping Spree

Went Vivo City with Hubby Kuo yesterday, yes a MONDAY!
Hoho~ we had that mentality that it wouldn't be crowded on weekdays but seems like we're half right only. Vivo City is still bursting with crowds, just that it ain't so much compared to Weekends. What's going on? Why is everyone going to Vivo City?
迷之聲: Excuse me madam, ain't you going Vivo City too?

Anyway, Hubby Kuo needed to get his long sleeve shirt badly and desperately. Hah, for his D&D and he gotta match the party's theme of Shanghai night. Hmmm, quite an easy theme though =X Well, we went to Topshop/Topman since Hubby Kuo had already shortlisted the shirt from there. I browse through the apparels and realised that the trend seems to be going into GLAMOROUS! Oh my, Warehouse, Mango, BeBe are all in such trend and I don't really like it that much. But then , I managed to grab a piece of shorties, hee 千島紋 shorties which I really love it so much! Hubby Kuo got himself not only a shirt but a bow tie too! Hah!

Went Pull and Bear too. It's pronounced as "Paul and Bear" but no idea why everyone is calling it "PULL". Hmm, checked with my ang-moh friends and was told that we had the habit of reading what we know at that exact moment. For instance, when I was young, I used to pronouce Carrefour as "Care-re-four". My english teacher taught me to read in syllabus and I'm doing that without knowning that some words got to be read in another way. So, it took me 2 years to realised that Carrefour ain't read that way. Hahaha, Hilarous! That reminds me of incident when I was in JB with my buddies. We wanted to munched on A&W so badly that we hopped onto a taxi and asked the uncle to bring us to Carrefour Malaysia. The uncle went " WHAT?" and his face showed question mark, so we told him we want to go A&W and he went " Oh, you want to go CA-Li-Four is it?". Okay, so thats the different way people pronounce.

Alright, back to topic. Went Pull and Bear , realised that their collection still the same, was abit disappointed but flipped through some Tees and found a tube top and a Princess puff top really awesome. Bought it straight away! Got a Tee for Hubby Kuo too!!! Hoho~ Yesterday was indeed a happy day for the 2 of us! *Beaming with Joy*

Now, one last thing. BOOTS! I wanted to get myself a boots badly! BUT, seems like most of them comes in leathery finished with heels. I don't like that :( Saw this boots online and thought it look cute. Hubby Kuo said it looked Okay only, AS USUAL!

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