Thursday, December 14, 2006

Counting down

Received a letter from HDB yesterday in regards to our new flat. As stated in the letter, our flat had been approved and we are now ready to collect our keys on the 2nd appointment. Like mentioned earlier, Hubby and me had kindly allow the sellers of the flat to extend their stay till end of February. Well, that's because the sellers have not purchased their new flat yet so they wouldn't have a place to stay in and even if they had already found their unit, they may also need some time to move out too. Being super nice people, both me and hubby nodded with grace. Actually, we ain't really willing but we don't want to drive them to their wits, plus they have a baby boy too.

Anyway, that means in another 2 more months, we would be able to move into our flat! Hohoho~ But of course, there will be renovations going on for at least a month, so offically we shall be moving in say end of march or start of april next year. Yohooo!

Yesterday, me and buddy mei went to Overseas Union House for the Victoria secrets and La Senza's Lingeries sales. There's quite a fair bit of products but too messy. Mei and me still managed to grabbed some goodies. On the way home, we started discussing about our christmas program, new year eve program etc and then I don't know why, I brought up the topic of my new house. I became so excited that I think I influenced Mei! Haha~ We were saying once I got my new house, they can come over to my house every weekend for high tea sessions. I even told her that she can feel free to come and bake cakes with me since I will have my very own kitchen plus built in oven. Hohoho~ Getting so excited about it!

Hopefully, everything runs smoothly. Daddy will be real busy with the renovations because Hubby wanted to do quite alot of changes to the current design of the house. For me, I want to hack off all the kitchen cabinets and install nicer ones, get my Walk-In-Wardrobe nicely done and my Kitchen appliances all beautifully organised. Heee~ 期待-ing!

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