Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Fat Lady Fei

Well, remember my last post which I told everybody about my childhood days of being fat?
I even uploaded a picture of me when I'm 8 years old. Tried finding pictures of me during Secondary school days but to no avail.

Maybe I'm lucky! Using Hubby's PC at the moment and was browsing through his photo collections that were stored in his D: and happened to saw this very farmilar fat lady picture. Hahaha~ Yes! It's me when I was in Seconday 1. Thats the picture that I took when I was just enrolled into St Joseph's Convent . That particular picture was used for our Library card and the Old Bus Pass where Concession Stamps, I meant real stamps were being used.

Hell Fat man~ It just reminds me of 肥貓! I think somebody said I looked like 肥貓 and some even said I looked like Garfield during my Secondary school days. Can't remember who said that but who cares anyway. For those who have no idea who's or what is 肥貓, I shall do the introduction. During my secondary school days, there's this popular HK serial called "肥貓正傳" and obviously, 肥貓 is the 主人翁.

Anyway, seeing my old pictures just re-captured all those good memories back~ It's a wonderful feeling.

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