Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had the most memorial and fun Christmas this year. I ain't sure if its the crowds that created the sensation or was it just me? But frankly speaking, all my 姐妹 conversed that they really enjoyed the Christmas celebration this year especially.

I think Hui fang added some sparks to our Christmas. She's been in Aussie for a total of 8 years without paying us a visit in Singapore ( okay, that's a bit unforgivable but gotta forgive still since she's all alone in a foreign land and moreover juggling with her studies). Really cool to see her back in Singapore and joining in the fun. It just looks like we're back to the good old secondary days. Simply fabulous!

Anyway, dinner was considered not bad since we are having International Buffet at Hotel Phoenix. I guessed everyone was bloated up at the end of the dinner and next Party time! Peiling booked a room in Hotel Phoenix, so all of us dashed up into her room for our exciting Gifts exchange programs. Was cool cause Yi and Fen bought 3 lucky draw prizes this year, meaning we'll each get a chance to earn 2 prezzies! Hohoho~

BUT, both me and Hubby got no luck then. Angela, our god-daughter was the luckiest! She got herself the Luck Draw prezzie that Yi and Fen had specially selected. I mean, you need the luck to be drawn, so that makes it the wonder of being the lucky one then.

Woooo~ Btw, did I mentioned that both me and Hubby went for a Christmas Chalet too! Was with FS Jehanne and Ah seng and some of Hubby's secondary buddies. We ate a lot through out the 5 days 4 nights stay. I being the chef was tired to bit too! Been cooking non-stop for 3 days and okay, I ate non-stop too! Oh man~ now its finally time to start my 地獄式減肥計畫! Booooooooooooooooooooo!

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