Monday, December 11, 2006

Shopping makes a Happy Mrs Kuo

Christmas is a season of giving and a season of SHOPPING! Everywhere I walked, I saw so many wonderful apparels and I felt so tempted to buy them! Well, that's one bad thing about being women. The happiest moments of a women always happen when she is doing her shopping.

Hohoho, okay that's one thing bad about christmas. The itch of shopping is always there. Oh my oh my~ How! Had been controlling myself so badly that I haven't been visting town area since the day my school holidays started. Erm, not entirely the start maybe says around 2 weeks? Anyway, really wanted to buy some apparels for myself and my hubby! Going to buy my Hubby his Christmas present soon! Heh~ Shall keep in suspense of what I am going to get for him (Because he reads the blog too). Getting myself a present toooo!

Well, just checked my payslip and gotten a surprise! My bonus!!! My baby bonus is here for me!!!!!! Hohohoh~ BUT well, can't use them though. Got to save them up for our new house - Renovations, Furniture and Electrical. Anyway, the sum of money ain't sufficient to get the stuffs needed for our new house too. How I wish my bonus would be 10 times the amount I'm getting now! *Day Dreaming as usual*

Shortlisted a few items from JoYcE ShOp. Still in dilemma if I should get them. One thing bad about buying stuffs overseas would be the Currency exchange rate as well as the shipping durations. Hmmm, brain storming now! Hah!

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