Friday, December 15, 2006

Saving for Rainy days 未雨綢繆

Alright, as the topic revealed, I need to save up for rainy days.
I was so happy about getting my bonus that I forgotten about a very important item that I need to buy and that item actually cost me around $1000. Yes, thats like half of my salary and not to mention other major expenses of mine, for e.g: Insurance, Handphone bills.

Arghh, that's the part I detest the most when I see my *Blink Blink* gone within seconds. Also, I am giving my parents allowances. 畢竟他們是我的父母,照顧他們是我一定要做的責任,當然給她們一點零用錢也是應該的, provided I have 2 brothers who are still studying. One's going to NS but will be preparing to admit into a local university in 2 years time , another going to take his O' Level Examination next year. That would means that my parents burden would be heavier because university school fees can be quite a heavy load and moreover, both my parents plus me and my sister predicted that my younger brother will definitely be going to a local polytechnic instead of a Junior college, well that means another pile of *Blink Blink* needed since 3 years of polytechnic schooling would need a rough gauge of $7000.

Seee! That's alot of expenses for my whole family!!! No wonder my daddy always remind all of us to save up and my mummy always nagged at us for buying redundant items. Now, I get it. Morever, both me and my sister will be getting married next year, in other words, we will have a family of our own. That means, we have to take care of our own Household expenses real soon. Yesterday I was flipping on bed thinking about the future household expenses of Hubby and mine. I don't know why, I was abit freaked out. I am kind of scared about not able to handle them well. I told my mummy and she said that it's very normal for me to think about this issue. She said according to both me and hubby current payroll, we will be able to handle our household expenses, provided we don't fancy ourselves with good treats everyday. No abalones, Sharks fin in the future! Haha ~

Well, next time I will teach my children to 未雨綢繆 and not to buy redundant things! Hopefully, I won't too :P