Friday, December 08, 2006


My mummy had been nagging at me for skipping my dinner recently. I had told her umpteen times that I am going through the toughest part of my schedule - Dieting. She refused to take that into consideration and complaint that I am too skinny and shouldn't 減肥. Yah, to my mummy, I AM NEVER FAT.

My mummy never like the idea of 減肥. She always says that I am too paranoid about my figure which , okay I ADMIT! Well, to me maintaining my figure is really what I enjoy doing. Having your figure keep in shape means, you will be more confident in your overall image, you can squeeze into the XS size of a top and typically bumped into a S size of a bottom. I enjoy all that! But my hip always lie! I belong to the typical Asian figure 梨子身材, which means my lower part of my body tend to be way bigger. Okay, I've got no bum but my hip bones are far too wide. Twice I went for body checkup, the doctors would comment that I had big hip bones and they always repeat the same thing " When you give birth, sure be an easy job". I don't know how true that would be but then having big hips ain't very nice actually.

Secondly, I hate my thighs. They are thunder thighs! I am now trying very very hard to slim my thighs and hopefully all those 抬腳動作 helps. Frankly speaking, all my 姐妹 and secondary classmates really know how I was during those secondary amature days. Big fat thighs, big fat waist, big fat arms, big fat legs, big fat face! You know, I love my seconday school days minus the fat part. Since primary school, I don't really fancy Chinese New Year as much as the other kids do. Simply because, everytime when my parents and aunties bought both me and my sis out for new clothes hunting, I WILL DEFINITELY BE HURT! Those stall owners are all in the same group because they always says the same thing " Ah, this girl ar, don't have her size leh" or "Wah, your 妹妹 very 大只 hor" or " I think you get adult cutting for your daughter lah" and the hatest part is , they always says I looked more like the elder sister compared to my sister, meaning I AM TOO BIG SIZE TO BE A 妹妹!

I'm a regular member of the TAF Club from Primary 3 up to the end of my secondary school days. Sad isn't it. Nobody likes to be called "Fatty" but thats my nickname at home. Sigh. My sister had been calling me that since primary school and it's now a habit which is hard to changed. My younger brothers took her share and called me that when I disabled the wireless connection at home. Boooooooooooooooo!

My sister had been asking me to stop dieting because she says that its worrying my mum. My mum doesnt want me to look skinny cause she says I won't look nice on my gown. Well, I will 聽媽媽的話 lah, by not skipping dinner but not taking rice! Hohoho! That's better than not eating right. Hohoho!

That's me during my Primary school days ( Primary 2 in exact)
PS: My Mummy and Daddy says I look whopper cute in this picture .


elaineys .loved said...

I beg to differ! YOU ARE VERY SKINNY NOW. seriously u r underweight.

Thunder thighs? Look at mine!!! *Smacks*. Really. I think u will be the skinniest bride I will ever see leh....

Don't go on diet alr lah.. Just start maintaining your weight. God, XS doesn't mean the world darling! I'm an M-L and I'm happy!

The Viewfinder of Mr and Mrs Kuo said...

Hahahah! Probably it got to do with my childhood days of being fat. That's why I am always so paranoid since the day I slimmed down. Never wanted to stepped back as a "Fat girl" anymore. Elaineyyy, you are tall leh. I am such a shortie! Different!

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