Monday, December 18, 2006

Your days of counting sheeps will be over

Me and Hubby went over to Serta Sleeping Center at Marina Square today!
We finally decided on Serta Mattresses cause they are well-known in the world (3rd ranking in the world) and they are having very attractive promotions. Besides that, Serta Bed frames designs are way much nicer than the other brands.

We had even choosen the color of our Bed Frame and Divans. Heh~ Typical Singaporeans.
Both me and Hubby will be having the Serta Elegance Series , while 郭媽媽 aka my Mother-In-Law will be taking the Serta Georgia Series. Both series are so comfortable and thats why as the topic revealed " Your Days of Counting Sheeps will be OVER!"

The promotion package is really tempting! Upon purchases of Selected Serta Mattresses, they will be giving away 2 Latex Pillows, 2 Fibre Pillows, 1 Queen Size Protector and 1 Bed Lounge! We've got 2 sets of mattresses and that means we'll be getting 4 Latex Pillows, 4 Fibre Pillows, 2 Protector and 2 Bed Lounges! Oh, plus 2 Serta Sheeps! Mehhhhhhh~

Now, I am so gan jiong about moving into my new residence, so gan jiong to lie on our Serta Mattress with my Hubby, so gan jiong to bake cakes cookies pastries and cook nice delicious dishes in my kitchen, so gan jiong to lie lazily on our sofa watching DVDs or playing WII Nintendo, so gan jiong to read magazines in my Relax@Corner in our study room, so gan jiong about everything!!!! Wohohohoh!

Serta Elegance

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