Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Engrossed with Lingeries

Recently, I have been engrossed in purchasing new lingeries. After the trip down to Victoria's Secret sales at Overseas Union House, I am like hooked onto it! Oh gosh~ Had been eyeing on various designs in Shopping malls but gotta save up then.

Anyway, I went down for another round of Victoria's Secret sales AGAIN! Hahaha~ This time with my sister cause she wanted to grab some lingeries too. Kind of disappointed when we reached there cause there were'nt alot of designs and many were those super thin layered kinds. Very sexy lah in other words! Hahah~ But we stil managed to got 2 which we like, so quite okay with the trip. I also got myself a GAP Sleepwear~ Its pinkish in color and the material is very comfortable! Hehe~ My grab of the day!

Went to Kembangan to look for Hubby cause he's down with MC. Bought Polar Sugar rolls from Raffles Exchange for him as well as Michael, Michale's GF and Mei. Not too sure if they ate but I munched on 2 of the sugar rolls. Sinfulllllll~

After that, guessed what! I bought another 3 Sorella Bras and 2 Boyshorts panties again!!! Seeeeeeeeee!

My GAP Sleepwear!
(It's actually a Kids collection, so that means Caucasians are much taller than Asians)

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曾子安 said...

The ultra sexy lingeries are on sale at store