Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shop Shop Shop

Me and Hubby went down to Wisma for collection of Hubby's ring from Gold Heart. The ring was supposed to be ready for collection on 7th of January 2007 , so both of us were quite happy that it can be collected earlier. Heh! Gorgeous ring!

Walked around Wisma and , as usual popped into Topshop and Topman. Both are having Sales of up to 50% so 不看白不看~ :P Browse through the ladies collection and grabbed a few clothings that caught my attention. Tried and decided to buy them all! Yesh, ALL! Hohoho~ all of them are for 50% discount so it's quite cheap, plus I can't really control myself ! >.<

After the splurge at Topshop, we headed to W.H at Takashimaya. Dear Dear needed some T-shirts~ He seems to be always running out of Tees. LOL! I guessed like girls, guys occasionally pamper themselves with new apparels too. Hehe~ Anyway, I really love the 2 Tees that Dear Dear bought! Nice!!!
My Grabs:

Shorts from Topshop

Bought a different color (Pink!)

A similar design to my Tee
( Mine's with miniature skull heads instead of Stripes)

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