Monday, January 01, 2007

Birthday Bashes

Me and Hubby met Thomas and gang out for Birthday celebrations. The Birthday boys, opps I meant Birthday Men were Cong, Kent and Ivan. Apparently, Cong's the oldest among them all but he had to forgo his 24th candles since Kent and Ivan are both 23rd this year! Hahaha~ Poor Cong.

Anyway, we all had dinner at Sketches which is located in Bugis Junction. Food was considered okay only. I ordered a Kids Golden Chick meal that consists of 6 small nuggets and some fries while Dear Dear ordered Carbonara with Bacon. Both of us shared the meal cause we were quite full from the Nasi Lemak we had in the morning. The rest also ordered Pasta dishes. Ivan and Cong got themselves Lobster Pasta, Michael got himself a Lamb chop Pasta, Thomas's a Pork Chick Pasta, Kent's a Steaky Pasta, WC got himself a Self-customised Pasta that comes with 2 fat sausages and Liwen got herself 2 appetizers - Spicy Tomatoes Mussels and a Prawn Salad. 呼! My memory's damn good! LOL! Desserts for the night was Mango Mousse Cake which happened to be the Birthday cake. The cake was truly delicious!

After the dinner, we headed to Caesar Bar in Liang Seah Street. A cool and funky place for drinks and soccer. The services over there is good too! The guys were gubbling themselves with the Chivas and Green tea while I decided to stay put by drinking coke. I don't really like hard liquor that much and it only comes to great mood when I want to drink some. We played some games and apparently, most of them were drunk (cause the punishment = drinks). Dear Dear was abit drunk too but after some resting on the loungue sofa, he was quite okay. The rest suggested Kway Chaps at Youji Duck rice. Well, supper was baddddd. The rest were drunk and wanted to phewed! Oh man~ Gross!!!!!! Luckily, they did not. A crazy night out!

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