Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Addidas Watch!

Hohoho~ went on a shopping spree with Hubby again! LOL~ We're quite hooked on shopping recently after all these Christmas and Year End sales. Gosh! Dear Hubby super happy today cause he got himself alot of new apparels! I haven't got anything caught in eye, so did not buy any apparels but got myself a Brazil Jersey from Ubranmale.com. Dear Hubby wanted me to wear Jersey as he said he always like me in Jerseys. Alright, since the Jersey looks nice and it's sponsored by my Dear Dear, why not! HAHAHAHAHA! *Evil laughter* Dear Hubby got himself a Tee also.

Had dinner at Pizza Walker. The Calamaris were fanstatic! Very yummy! Hehe~ When we were about to left Wisma, Dear Dear saw a pinkish watch that caught his eye and he wanted to get it for me. What's funny was that he did not see the brand of that watch! It's Tag Heuer! That watch will definitely cost say around $3-$4K with all those diamonds. LOL! Anyway, we popped into City Chain and guessed what! We saw this Addidas watch which is very nice! It's so classic! Dear Dear thought it looked nice on me and I love it too, so we bought it! Hahaha, sponsored by my dear dear hubby as usual! Wonderful day!

Last but not least, SCHOOL STARTS AGAIN! #$%@&*
Sigh~ 又要開始奮鬥囉!

White Leathery Finished with Pink Background!

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