Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hubby's Kuo Big day and Valentine's Day

Alright, firstly I need to apologised for the irregular postings recently due to my heavy workload in school. I'm like trying to squeeze out time to blog but it just seem so hard. I am grabbing every minutes and seconds but it just doesn't seem enough. My workloads are like piling non-stop. Sighhh, I wonder if it's a good sign or what.

Today was a not-so-tired day since PD ended very early! It's the shortest PD I've ever attended since the 1st day I stepped into school and miraculously I survived! Maybe I should participate in the next season of "Survivors". Held a mini class test for my Primary 4 class since I guessed that's the best way for them to re-captured all the topics that we had covered since week 2. Shit, I'm like a workaholic! Even at home, my brain never stop thinking about work. Well, do agree with Miss Chew that we are officially "Living Corpses" from the Educational Sector.
Hmmm, maybe it's a good idea to start this thread into a movie. Investors anyone?

Anyway, 2 major events gonna start popping into my schedule. First, Hubby's birthday! Yes, my handsome, cute, adorable, suave, macho, charming ( I only say that when it's his birthday and Valentine's day HAH!) Huby will be celebrating his 25th birthday and I've specially hand-pick a special gift for him. Gotta to keep him in suspense so won't be revealing any bits. Next will be the ever-romantic Valentine's day! Still cracking my brains for that day, hopefully my brain cells don't get work out since most of them slog like mad cows during my work.


sooaun said...

the both of you are such a sweet and loving couple... hope you have a wonderful valentines!

Orange said...


Thanks! I'm sure if you have a partner, both of you will be sweet and loving too :)

Soo Aun said...

hehe, yes i have a partner... we will be celebrating our 9th anniversay in oct this year! :D i believe we are sweet too ;) sometimes abit salty, sometimes abit sour also but never bitter :)

Orange said...

Wow! Envy Envy!