Thursday, January 11, 2007

My days of tireness are coming again

Haven't been blogging recently due to the overwhelming workload which seems to be piling non-stop since the 1st day of school. Apparently, most people got the wrong idea of Mother Tongue Teachers having more free time than any other EMS teachers. Well, it seems so untrue since I've got 40 periods of lesson in 1 week as compared to an EMS teacher who gets around 30-35 periods in a week. On top of that, all teachers are engaged in Administrative duties , for instance, collection of payments and collating the name list of those who had paid. Not only that, but also to compile the list of students not able to attend CCA etc.

All these seems to take up half of the day. Next up, LESSON time. P1 are currently on Hanyu Pinyin where we will teach them the basics of Hanyu Pinyin ( a, e, i, o, u) and get them to read them correctly. Though most of the students are already built with some basic foundation, however, there are still some who are not able to do so. P2 syllabus are tougher. The topics are longer in content and of course harder since its Higher Mother Tongue. My P2 students are quite okay at the moment, but I believe some might face difficulties in the near future.

Attended the 1st House Practise in my school on Tuesday. Due to the Wet weather, house practise was scheduled in the Hall. I thought I would get to exercise with the Kids since they will be doing Running, High and Long Jump and Shotput. However, I was only supposed to be in charge of attendance and organising the kids to shuffle between the different stations. Okay, fine. No chance to exercise off my fats.

Anyway, the grams I've piled on during school holidays should be, most likely, hopefully, will be shed off in say another 2 months time? I really need to lose some weight so that I can look beautifully slim on my ROM day which will be in another 1 month time. Btw, new updates on my flat. Won''t be shifting in till End April as the Sellers had some problems with their initial Selling agent and they had a changed in their selling agent. Thus, the purchased of their new flat were delayed and as a result, they got no choice but to deferred the dates of allowing us to move in. Anyway, we will be charging them rental according to market rate. Quite disappointed but wont be holding the blame at the sellers cause both me and hubby know that it aint their fault at all but that stupid agent.

God bless that we won't be delayed anymore till End March when we can finally start the renovation. Now, I'm hoping for the school holidays in June! Hahahahah!


elaineys .loved said...

you mean lookin extremely skinny in ur gown! lol!

Orange said...

Hahaha~ No lah! I wanna tone myself up! :P