Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupid Throat Infection

Was feeling sick after returning home from school on Monday. No appetite for everything, even my favourite Potato chips and Siew mai couldn't seduce me. (Yah, my mum tried to seduce my appetite using them as the bait) Had a hot shower and poooh~ off I dropped myself into my fluffy bed and pillows. The next thing that happened was a tragic headache! Arghhhhhhh

I don't like the feeling of sick. It just make me feel restless and useless. Mum said probably I've got throat infection since I've been coughing non-stop plus I've problem swallowing my saliva since my throat hurts. Daddy and Sis caught the flu bug and probably I've caught one too. Mum demanded me to go to our Family doctor but I was lazy to do that on a Monday night with my favourite TV show "擺家樂 II " on air.

What I know was, the next day a Tuesday, I was feeling so sick I had to call school to apply for a Sick leave. Mum touched my forehead and said that I've got a rather high fever. Okay, that's makes me feel like I'm really sick and I really need to see a doctor. So at 7am, my mum asked me to bathe myself with cold water and I was like, WHAT? COLD SHOWER IN THE EARLY MORNING? Alright, mum's always right and so here I am shivering myself in the shower and there my mum preparing hot congee for me. I've got no appetite and therefore I headed right to the clinic. My doctor said I've got a bad throat infection and I needed to rest badly. She prescribed me with some medicine and 2 days of MC. Well, inititally I thought I wouldnt need 2 days but waking myself up this morning, I knew I had to call sick again.

My fever's back and I'm like coughing non-stop. My throat don't hurt that much but mucus seems to be dropping out from my nose. Oh man, don't tell me the flu bug got me! Anyway, got to rest well because tomorrow will be a hetic day. God bless me.

BTW, Hubby got himself a DS Lite! Excited! I wanna play too!!! >.<

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