Sunday, February 11, 2007

1st Appointment @ Jazz Bridal

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my 姐妹們 ( Peiyi, Peifen, Angela, Huimei, Shiqi, Stacy, Jolene) for their wonderful help. They acompained me and Hubby down for our 1st Gown selection at Jazz Bridal. Not forgetting , FS and Jehanne who went down also.

I was so excited about it cause 畢竟這是人生一輩子一次的經驗. I know all my 姐妹們 were also very excited. Hehe~ I never knew that trying on gowns can be so tiring. The gowns were super whopper heavy, BUT its worth it. I'm like a princess (Okay, I said that myself). I love most of the gowns that I tried except for some which are overly exaggerating.

My next appointment with Jazz Bridal will be in March. Yohooo! Hubby will be getting his pants done and I will be selecting my Evening Gown plus having my gowns altered. Wohoooo! Can't wait!

Here are some pics of my gowns. Won't be revealing much! Heheh~

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