Sunday, November 26, 2006

In the Mood for Christmas

Today me and Hubby went to Singapore Expo with FS and Jehanne.
There's a Home and Design Fair going on and also Addidas Sales. Well, didnt managed to squeeze into Addidas Sale plus both me and Hubby quite broke for this month because of a Nikon FM2. Opppppsss!

Anyway, was quite impressed with the Home and Design Fair cause they could acutally build showflats in the Expo Hall! Marvellous!!!!! There were 2 Interior company setting their Showflats in the Hall and we went in to captured some ideas from them. Amazing! Their Interior concepts were superly nice but one of them's tooooooo un-realistic lah. Probably need to be some big "Tao Keh" to own that kind of renovation.

Oh ya! Me and Hubby had just settled our Living room Furnitures with this company "The Furniture Club". Love their furnitures! Nice, Chic and affordable. Alright, it's slightly steep in price as compared to Star Furniture and IKEA but it's definitely worth the "Blink Blink", BECAUSE its custom-made furniture! Hohoho! They had a few outlets and the one nearest to NEL will be at Liang Court.

We went down to City hall too! The Christmas ambience is really there! I am soooooooo in the Mood for Christmas! Hohoho~ Counting down now! Heee~

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