Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wedding Cakes 喜餅

Was discussing with Jayne about wedding cakes 喜餅 just now
It happened that she is also looking for those special kinds of wedding cakes which are are different from the normal kinds of cakes that we received when relatives get married.

True enough, I've got the same thinking as her.
I want my wedding cakes to be unique and I want all my relatives, friends who receives my wedding cakes to remember it always ! 結婚是人生大事, there is the need to get everything perferct!

Last week, my parents had dinner with Hubby Kuo's Auntie in regards to our wedding.
It's like "Meet the parents" session which normally proceed when a pair of couple are intending to get married. Well, different is that, Kuo mummy couldnt make it to Singapore due to her busy schedule and it happened that Kuo auntie is in Singapore and hence, the appointment was fixed.

Kuo auntie discussed with my parents about the wedding procedures as they are not very farmilar with it. My parents aint very sure either but could brieftly tell her about the important things to take note of during the wedding ceremony. The dinner was good with everyone getting to know each other, 畢竟即將就要成為一家人了. One of the things highlighted during the dinner was about the 喜餅 aka Wedding cakes. Kuo auntie feels that it would be more easier if we could prepare the wedding cakes in Singapore rather then having the 喜餅 to be send from Taiwan to Singapore.

Mummy and Daddy's opinion is somehow the same as my parents feel that it might be too troublesome for Hubby Kuo's family. It's not like 1 or 2 boxes, it's 20-30 boxes! Well, so I had been considering about the kind of wedding cakes that I want to get. Hubby Kuo got no opinion and of course, Mrs Kuo yesh me, got the priority to make the decision! Yohooo!

I've already got 1 in mind! Tadah!

Looks so gorgeous and wonderful isnt it!
I just cant wait to get these cupcakes as my wedding cakes!

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