Monday, November 13, 2006

Vivo City 怡丰城

Had muddled headly forgotten to include my post about the trip down to Vivo city again on last Friday. Sigh, that's one sad part about getting old , your brain cells gets cold too. Had been quite busy with school stuffs recently that I think I really need to get myself out from school matters.

Actually Hubby Kuo and I wanted to make our way down to IKEA on Friday. Jehanne couldnt make it that day and it's not possible for FS to complete the trip with us because its supposed to be couple thingy kind of stuff! So, they changed the whole plan by switching to visit Vivo City with Seng and Vin.

Quite happy in fact because I CAN DO SHOPPING! Sometimes retail therapy works wonder. For the here and there that I wanted to buy, retail therapy simply stop the itch of me using all my "blinks blinks". Heh~ Good way of saving :P

Went to Toys'R'us, do you spelled it that way? Alright, I am lazy to check the correct spelling via the website. Toy'R'us is so dammmmnnn big over there! I looked kind of childish over there, jumping so happily around the toys, toys and toys! Saw this big Melody cushion selling for $29.95 and wanted to buy it quite badly. After 30s of consideration, it just appeared redundant to me lah, because I dont get to use it at home, and further more I dont think I will bring it to school. Imagine the students touching on it when I'm not around in the office gives me goosebumps. I am not being freak or what but you should see how the students handle their hygience in school. I once saw this student digging his nose at this moment and the next moment, without even washing his hands, he used his bare hands, yes bare hands to pick up his drumlets and eat it instantly. I nearly puked out but alright, I AM USED TO SEEING IT IN SCHOOL!

So, it does make sense for not being huggies to school. Sometimes, I really wanted to bring just 1 cushion to school because I am quite used to having huggies back in my old office. But but but, ya you guys know :P Btw, saw this big Elmo and took a pic with it! Heh!

Vivo city dont look that big at all, wonder how come it was advertised as "way much bigger than Suntec city". Hmmm...

Me with Elmo!

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