Monday, November 06, 2006

With or Without Belt

Heh~ This little cutie dress's my birthday present from Mr Kuo!
Isn't it cute :P

Well, I really like this dress so much that I had been wanting to wear it out. But I couldn't as it is too casual to be worn to school. What to do, got to wait till weekends then.

Anyway, was thinking if I should put on the belt or just wear it without any accessories. Typical vain pot question lah~ Hahah! This dress supposed to be baby doll cut, thus it should be loose worn but then, I think I look like I'm pregnant or what. So afraid that someone in the bus or MRT would just give up their seats to me man~ :S Maybe I think too much!

So, peeps out there, PLEASE kindly comment on should I wear With Belt or Without?
I think Mr Kuo going to start having those cold sweats on his forehead :P
Too bad, Mrs Kuo is always a vain pot :D

Without Belt

With Belt


Jimbo said...

I'll go without the belt :P
If want to use belt, need to wear a nicer one ya.

Orange said...

Thanks my dearest hubby *kiss*
I totally agree!

elaineys .loved said...

i think..... both also can. but without belt you NEEDDDD to accessorize with necklaces !

if with belt, get urself a thicker one and put it directly at whr the band is at. :D

Orange said...

Heee! Thanks Elainey!