Thursday, November 09, 2006


PTM = Parents-Teachers-Meeting
Just had my 1st PTM yesterday and the process can only be expressed in 1 word, "TIRED".
Indeed, its the first time in my life that I realised I can talked and smiled non-stop for at least 4 hours. Yes, NON STOP.

The session started at 2pm and there weren't many parents. Hence, many of us were "shaking our legs" and having our usual chit-chats. My friends and colleagues were still laughing at me for not having a single parent(s) and I nodded happily. Who would know that I will be titled with "The Most Popular Teacher" award within 1 hour! Yes, 1 hour and the number of parents increased from 1 to 15!!!! I explained to each and individual parents about their child's development progress and how they can improve further. I believed the parents were very interested in knowing how they can help their child's improvement and they started to threw all sorts of questions for me and I had to answer them one by one. Its super tiring :S

Anyway, dinner was good but got tummy upset after that :( Nothing to do with the food, just that my stomach's not adapted to having spicy food in the late evening. Sigh, Poor me :(
Still, after dinner got to fight another round of talking and smiling. Whole session ended at 8 plus and I reached home at 930pm. Super exhausted *Yawn*

Heard from my Supervisor, Yan Seah that "End Term" PTM is considered relax as compared to the PTM during "Mid Term". Gosh, that means I have to go through this again! OH MAN! Somebody save me!!!!!

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