Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Was so busy with work recently that somehow or rather, it seems to make me kind of stressed.
Sigh~ that's part and parcels of an educationist's life. How I wish I could turn all my work into ashes! Sighhhhhh

Sometimes I wondered why I chose being an Educationist over an IT personnel.
Sometimes I think its passion, sometimes I doubt about that.
I don't know if its good or bad. I've been thinking so much about my current career.
Can I really do my part as an Educationist? Can I handle my career well?

There's this urge of having an Career switch. However, when I think of my kids in school, I just cant seems to do it. I feel happy working with my colleagues but I don't like the way my work environment operates. I love teaching my kids new stuffs but I hate it when they don't acomplish my homework that I assigned for them. I love enjoying school holidays but I detest it when I need to report work even when school holidays has already started. I cant balance myself actually.

Should I change, Should I remain?
I know its up to myself to decide. I love teaching, there's this strong passion in me towards teaching, but I hate the way my work environments operates. Dilemma Dilemma Dilemma~
Plus, 2 nice colleagues left. One left cause of working location, the other left cause of school management.

Right now, I just want to enjoy the preparation of my wedding.
So, STRESS off you go!

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