Thursday, November 02, 2006


To be happy or to be sad, its up to individual to decides.
Based on the type of scenario, human beings have the priority to characterised the moods that they prefer. For me Mrs Kuo, I feel that I can get quite emotional at times, on the other hand, Mr Kuo has a different way of handling his emotions. I guessed that's the main difference between a Female and a Male. Hah!

女人永遠都是那麼感性 :P
I used to envy people who can 忘記一切煩惱 because its not an easy task. After a night of deep thoughts, I enlightened myself with the saying "快樂是一天,不快樂也是一天" , which means " You can choose to be Happy, You can choose to be Sad". Why make your life torturing when you can choose to be Happy?

It's hard, I know. 但是, 我覺得我還是幸福的.
At least, I have a happy family and a doting Husband. Though my doting Husband, Mr Kuo can drive me up the wall at times XD, he's still always perfect to me :)
I guessed, 選擇在於自己~ 你可以選擇自暴自棄,你可以選擇開朗面對
For me, I have decided to 選擇開朗面對 :D

Btw, Wedding Banquet might be re-scheduled to Feb 2008!
黃道吉日比較重要~ So, for the best of our marriage, Mr Kuo and Mrs Kuo, yes both of us has decided to opt for the better! Heee :D

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