Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding Banquet @ The Paramount

After so many months of discussion, Mr and Mrs Kuo had finally settled their Wedding Banquet venue at TungLok's The Paramount 百樂吉祥酒家. Wedding date had also been fixed on 1st July 2007. Initally we wanted to it to be on 7th July 2007, but due to it being a very popular date, majority of the hotels/restuarants were already booked. Hence, we decided to have our Banquet held at The Paramount.

Went over to view the venue today and was very satisfied with the surroundings. The General Manager, Sebestian is very polite and gave us alot of advises. I believe all my guests will be happy to dine there :)

At the moment, I am consolidating the guest lists! Heh!
Will need to get ready for ROM soon :D
Hee~ Can't wait for my big day to come!!!


elaineys .loved said...

LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! Whr is the paramount at? And OH IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! U'RE GOING TO BE A PRETTY BRIDE! Put on a little bit more weight lah miss manfei!! The wedding gown will look heavier than you leh! hahah

The Viewfinder of Mr and Mrs Kuo said...

Hee~ Elaineys, I dont want to p ut on weight leh :( Abit paranoid over gaining weight! :P

Paramount just opposite Parkway Parade! Wait for my invitation card!

elaineys .loved said...

OH THAT!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT!!!! HAHAHA!!! My old tuition centre =X

Just put on 1-2KGs. wont make a diff.. like that how to be a glowing bride!