Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Talent 歌手

After having my super late nap yesterday, Mrs Kuo woke up in the middle of the night feeling very awake! Hah~ I was super tired after a day's long at school. The moment I reached home, I jumped myself into the pool of water bathed myself and then threw myself onto the cosy bed of mine and followed by the snoozing part. LOL~ The snoozing part is purely for humour! Had a super long sleep till 11pm.

Switched on the TV and happened to be on Channel 54 (TVBS Asia), screening "娛樂新聞". They were introducing this new talent named 蔡旻佑 who was 發覺 by 台灣本土天王 Jacky 吳宗憲. I guessed 吳宗憲 did another great job after he had Jay Chou 周傑倫 into the showbiz.

蔡旻佑's only 19 at the moment, yes the tender age of 19. Btw, tomorrow's Mrs Kuo, my birthday. Don't asked me about my age. It's a typical NO question for women. I know I aint young anymore so in order not to commit any violent acts towards anyone, PLEASE do not ask for my age! 姐姐我是會打人的! :P

Anyway, about 蔡旻佑. He's got this boyish look that kind of cute. Although, I realised that some of his 發音 sounds abit funny, maybe got to do with the influence of 台語, he's still marvellous! Love his 1st solo album, especially " 我可以 ". The tunes were nice and the lyrics were fanstatic. I totally agreed with 小嫻 who named 蔡旻佑 and the lyricst 周偉傑 as the young "周傑倫 and 方文山". Cheers!


寄沒有地址的信 這樣的情緒有種距離
你放著的誰的歌曲 是怎養的心情

雨下得好安靜 是不是你偷偷在哭泣
幸福真的不容易 在你的背景有我愛你

我可以陪你去看星星 不用再多說明
我就要和你在一起 我不想又再一次和你分離

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