Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Mrs Kuo

Hohoho~ It's my Birthday today!
Well, another 1 year added to my current age, should I smile, should I frown or should I just be neutral?
Hmm, I'll stay netural then! Thinking too much about being another year older might just allow those crimply little wrinkles to pop onto my face~ Better not do that then. Haha~

Anyway, Today Mr and Mrs Kuo are offically declared as "The Sony Ericsson Z610i User".
Hehe~ Just got ourselves this slick phone from WHYMOBILE. The boss of this shop is friendly though one of his staff can be quite atttitude but then, the deals from this shop are strongly recommended! All phone sets are with NO CONTRACT attached, so for peeps who are really into changing new phone sets, this is the right place! The phones are relatively cheaper than the outside market. I am not too sure about those in Chinatowns because Mr Kuo's friend recommended Chinatown as they mentioned that the deals are very attractive.

Hehe~ As what Mr Kuo had mentioned in the previous post, he would get himself the black and for me, he'll get me the pink! I love my pinkish slick phone so much! They even had tools for you to enhance your pictures taken! Hooooooooo~ WONDERFUL!

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